A downloadable game

This is a simple little game for the Candy Game Jam, similar to and inspired by the old Atari 2600 game Kaboom! Use the left and right arrows to move your little dude and catch the candy. Obviously, avoid the vegetables, because nobody likes vegetables, really.

I'd be willing to expand on this if enough people are interested. It was really created with a minimum of work just to be a part of the Candy Jam.

Protip: faster candy yields a higher score.

Update 1 (02.01.2014):

Looks like a few of you enjoy this, so I polished it up a bit. Made a title screen, and smoothed the difficulty ramp a bit.

Update 2 (coming soon):

Pressing Escape quits the game.

Published Feb 01, 2014
Tagscandy, candy-game-jam, scrolls